A Fresh Turkey from Fresh Fork

If you have been following my blog, then you might have noticed a long drop off this summer.  There have been many changes with GLDC and myself.  Not to worry, my wit and keen insight will return shortly.  In the meantime, let me tell you about Fresh Fork Market.  I did some freelance work for Trevor at Fresh Fork Market two years running.  I did it as a swap (will work for food!), and was so impressed with the high quality local food and the mission of Fresh Fork to be the biggest distributor of fresh local foods in NE Ohio, that I asked him for a job.

What a great job for me.  I came in as a seasonal employee, loading trucks and delivering CSA shares to local drop off points.  Little did I know the impact a CSA can have on the local food economy.  This CSA pumped $700,000 back into the local farm economy in a single season.  That does not include the winter CSA programs or the holiday packages.  This is built on single buyers, making food choices in single one bag purchases.  Over the next year, you will hear more from me about Fresh Fork, and you can read the Fresh Fork blog, too.

But what I really wanted to talk about was the Thanksgiving packages and turkeys.

I prepared local, fresh turkeys like the ones from Fresh Fork Market on a regular basis when we lived in Portland.  Since moving to Cleveland, we have dinner with family, and they always make the turkey.  This year, I want a nice fresh bird so I looked at the Thanksgiving packages from Fresh Fork.

These turkeys are still out in the field, running around and living their little turkey lives.  But at the end of next week, they will be harvested for the dinner table.  These guys get to live out a real life.  They run around in a pasture, eat grass and bugs, have organic feed to supplement their diet and are sold fresh.

One of the things that I have discussed with people is the quality of fresh turkeys on Thanksgiving.  As Americans, we eat turkey every year.  Yet, what we buy is usually full of hormones, antibiotics, additives to make them retain water, and worse.  They are often not humanely raised or humanely slaughtered.  I was talking with a food buyer that I know and they assured me that those thanksgiving turkeys in stores now are surely months (if not years) old.

Fresh turkeys require a little more attention to prepare.  They are not self basted, and do NOT come with a little pop up timer.  You may need to baste a fresh bird a little more.  You will need to watch it cooking, and test it to make sure it is done.  The results, however, are so much worth the efforts.  I have found every good fresh turkey that I have made to need little in the way of seasoning.  They have more natural flavor and less sodium.  Because the birds are fresh and fed properly, I know that my turkey will be full of nutrition and tasty goodness.  A typical turkey?  Who knows.

In short, I am so stoked to have my fresh local turkey this year.  If you have never had a fresh, locally raised, hormone free, pasture raised, organically fed turkey-order one now!  Yeah, they are a little more.  Quality birds can not be properly raised for pennies a pound.  But if you want a meal that you can be proud of and proud to give your family, then nothing is better than a high quality turkey.  Order one from Fresh Fork Market.  Hurry before they are all gone!

One Block Off the Grid goes national.

I have written about One Block Off the Grid before.  I am a big fan of this group.  I was thrilled to get this email yesterday.


I’m so thrilled to let you know that One Block Off the Grid has launched 2,170 new solar group discounts in 34 new states.

Check out the map: http://1bog.org/nation

The way it works is that whenever enough residents in a county sign up on the One Block Off the Grid website, all county residents gain access to One Block Off the Grid’s group pricing. As always, our services are free and no obligation.

If you like the pricing, you can choose to be connected with One Block Off the Grid’s trusted local solar installation partner in the area for a free on-site roof evaluation. If you eventually decide to go solar with that installer, One Block Off the Grid gives you a $500 cash rebate. This special rebate is available until October 18, 2011.

We’re also really pleased to announce that we’ll be donating any remaining profits to Kiva City, the brand new U.S. based arm of Kiva.org’s microlending platform. The fund provides microloans to U.S. small business owners in the United States’ most economically challenged cities.

Robert, I do want to let you know that although solar group pricing is great, unfortunately OH isn’t yet doing all it can to make solar affordable for homeowners. While states like New Jersey have a thriving solar market due to strong incentives, your state isn’t there yet. Unfortunately, this means that renewable energy companies may not be giving OH a passing glance when they’re deciding where to expand.

So, when you’re checking out the group deal in your county, be sure to note OH’s letter grade for solar policy, too. We’ve included your governor’s telephone number there and recommend you give him or her a call to say, “I support stronger clean energy policy in OH.”

Together, we can become a powerful force for economic renewal in the United States.


Eco Tuesday moves to the Galleria!

If you have ever been to an Eco Tuesday event, then you know just how interesting and informative this monthly gathering can be.  I have always enjoyed going, when I can.  This month the topic will be very interesting and I look forward to trying to be there.  Will you join me?  Here is the info and flyer:

I’ve attached the flier for the 18th Ecotuesday ‘Fourth Tuesday’ event on July 26th from 5:30 to 7:30, which we are really happy to promote at the Gardens Under Glass at the Galleria.  We had a great session on hydroponics and key players in this great green-growing space we now call home.


This event is a natural growth from last month and it will feature a nice opportunity to catch diverse perspectives from various players driving a blossoming whole (aka raw, biogenic) foods movement here in Northeast Ohio.  Healthy eating is at the core of the matter and our panelists are true experts in this domain.  The latest on the strategic front from Whole Foods will punctuate an evening that will include  key presentations and updates from these talents with unique perspectives on propelling an important local industry: (scheduled to appear:)


Tom Frazier, Mylivefoods.com

Jeremy Koosed, Plant Kingdom Bakery

Abe Nabors, Mustard Seed Market

Chuck Molina, Good ‘N Raw

Michelle Stratton, Flaming Ice Cube


After the event folks will be welcome to roll over to the Ice Cube for some delish delights and debrief with the Vegetarian Meetup Group!  We thank them for co-promoting our event this month.   Regardless of what you like to eat, there is so much to learn for the good of our city and region!
We’d love to see you all  to learn, connect and engage with us.

Again, see attached – and do feel free to share this flier and bring your friends!


Call 216-849-8651 with any questions!
Be well,
The Cleveland EcoTuesday team

Greenbuild Scholarships available

Thanks to Michelle Kilroy at the NE Ohio Chapter of the USGBC.

Greenbuild Scholarship Program

The USGBC Greenbuild Scholarship Program provides all-inclusive trips to the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo to individuals entering into the green building industry. In order to increase access to Greenbuild, the scholarship program is reserved for low-income individuals without the means to attend. Greenbuild is the ideal setting for those new to the green building industry to learn from green building experts, discover innovative technologies and companies that are transforming the industry, and to form worthwhile relationships within the green building movement.

Complete the Open Call Application to apply »

Program Mission
The USGBC Greenbuild Scholarship Program has been created in support of USGBC’s guiding principles

  • Fostering Social Equity: USGBC will respect all communities and cultures and aspire to an equal opportunity for all
  • Ensure Inclusiveness: USGBC will ensure inclusive, interdisciplinary, democratic decision-making with the objective of building understanding and shared commitments toward a greater common good

Program Goals

  • To increase access to Greenbuild for groups underrepresented in the green building industry
  • To provide the opportunity to attend Greenbuild to those otherwise unable to attend for financial reasons
  • To bring more individuals into the USGBC Chapter network, which can provide networking opportunities and/or mentoring support

50 Scholarships will be awarded to Greenbuild

  • 10 Social Equity scholarships will be awarded through the Greenbuild Scholarship Program Open Call for Application Process
  • 20 scholarships will be granted through Greenbuild Scholarship Program Partners
  • 10 Scholarships will be granted through the Greenbuild Host Committee
  • 10 Scholarships will be granted internationally through the World Green Building Council

Greenbuild Scholarships Open Call for Application Process
Ten Social Equity scholarships will be awarded through the Greenbuild Scholarship Open Call for application process. Applicants must turn 18 by Oct. 3, 2011 to be eligible to apply. Applicants must complete the Greenbuild Scholarship Program application, located here. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PT on Monday, July 25, 2011.

Scholarship recipients will receive one full conference registration for the 2011 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Toronto, Ontario, from Oct. 4-7, 2011. Travel, 3-nights accommodation and limited expense budget will also be covered. Other events held in conjunction with Greenbuild may be offered when announced late summer 2011.

Volunteer at Greenbuild Next in Toronto






Thanks to Michelle Kilroy at the NE Ohio Chapter of the USGBC.

Volunteer opportunities area available:

Amy Fisher
Communications Associate
U.S. Green Building Council

With more than 28,000 attendees at Greenbuild, 100 educational sessions, special events and the world’s largest expo halldevoted to the green building industry, it takes a lot of hands to make Greenbuild run smoothly. One of the vital groups that helps make Greenbuild a success is the countless volunteers.

You may be called a volunteer, but anyone who has volunteered at Greenbuild before knows the return is just as great as the investment. Where else do you get the chance to be a part of the green building community, with endless amounts of networking and educational opportunities right at your fingertips? – All at no cost for general admission to the conference. Volunteering at Greenbuild NEXT provides the priceless experience of learning from industry professionals around the world to add to your knowledge bank and resume.

Enabling students and young professionals to attend Greenbuild is important as it allows generations of all ages to be involved in the green building movement. For the many young adults who are just making their way into the industry, volunteer opportunities help them get involved in the conversation working toward a better, greener tomorrow.

So what is a volunteer expected to do? Volunteers assist attendees at the recycling stations, provide check-in support for the LEED workshops and education sessions, check badges at meals, help with green building tours and perform other similar tasks. The work that Greenbuild volunteers do is monumental in shaping the conference and makes a measurable impact on its success. For example, with the help of its amazing volunteers, Greenbuild was able to divert 85 percent of its waste in 2010 – a 50 percent increase over McCormick Place West’s waste diversion rate average.

If you’re a full time student or young professional age 25 and under who is passionate about the green building movement, you ARE a Greenbuild volunteer. This is a unique opportunity to be successful in what you learn, who you meet and how you grow in the green industry. Make sure not to miss out on the conference by making the most of this opportunity to volunteer.

Sound off in the comments below: What are YOUR reasons to volunteer? Any great experiences volunteering for Greenbuild in past years? 

Volunteers from Greenbuild NEXT in Toronto are needed from Sept. 29 to Oct. 7. If you’re interested in volunteering read theVolunteer FAQs to learn more and sign up to receive information

Marketing and an Eco Car Wash

While entering a contest for a car, I came across this video.  It is for a more eco-friendly car wash.  I thought it was great.  Car washes can use up vast amounts of potable water every year.  

I also wanted to point out how I thought this contest was well handled, and showed a great use of the internet.  Motorcars in Cleveland Heights did a contest to give away a car lease.  In order to enter, you had to watch a video.  They created a new video every week for 20 weeks, and each one you watched gave you a chance to enter.  The more you watched, the more entries you received.  This was a great use of the internet for marketing for several reasons:

  1. You had to come to their site every week, or at least several times, to watch videos and enter.
  2. Videos were kept to a reasonable length.
  3. All the videos featured a single aspect of the business that they wanted to promote.  Each one was different and highlighted a separate reason to patronize their business.
  4. The videos were genuine and featured people from the business.
  5. By following them on Facebook, you would get friendly reminders in your news feed to remember to watch the latest video and to enter.
  6. Everyone who watches the videos and enters in now opted in to receive emails from them.
  7. The first few responses also collect peripheral data that will make it easier for them to market to you personally in the future.
If you have been thinking about using a video campaign to promote your business, take a look at this campaign and see how what they did could help you.
Of course, you can also call us and see how we can help as well.