Finding Great Lakes Design Collaborative on the web

Great Lakes Design Collaborative is a design firm that specializes in retail and commercial interiors.  We focus on sustainability and green design.    Our aim in writing this blog is to introduce green concepts and ideas to the general public as well as serious professionals.  We are firm believers in the idea that change begins from the ground up, but must also be addressed from the top down.  We can each make changes that can positively impact the planet, but real change also requires the partnership of government and big business.  If we all work together, we can make big changes.

Money talks.  As individuals  we have to spend our money wisely.  By supporting business that share our goals, we make a statement.  Corporations often need to be guided into greener practices.  It is our firm belief that we must all support businesses that favor environmental ideals and sustainability.  We must support politicians that believe in making wiser environmental choices.  Our government, at all levels, must be encouraged to make changes both through use and mandate.

We are located in Cleveland, Ohio.We love Cleveland and want to see it succeed in the coming years.  We hope to educate, inspire and excite Clevelanders and others from around the country to live richer “greener” lives.  Visit the rest of our site to learn more about us.

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