What are YOU doing for Earth Day?

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference?  It doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen. Green Fest is a very new event, and a perfect example of how you can get involved and do something cool. This will be just the second year, and the reponse by the community is truly exciting. It started with two Moms having coffee, talking about their passion for recycling and “doing their part.” Wanting to do something to raise awareness and unite the community, they started thinking about putting on an “event” to teach North Ridgeville citizens about eco-friendly lifestyles. And thus, Green Fest was born.  Last year, they planned Green Fest with the help of the Parks and Recreation Dept, and several others who were willing to pitch in and give back. It was a highly successful event for such a small community, and with absolutely no operating budget. Everything was either donated by individuals or organizations that believe in going green. It just goes to show what you can do when you believe in something!  This year, Green Fest 2010 has a tiny budget, a great committee of committed individuals, and lots of support from the community. They hope to get bigger and better each year, delivering the message of environmentalism to all of the southern suburbs.Want to help?  They’d love to have you come to the event, make a donation, or offer any advice or tidbits of information they could use. ll an eco product or offer an environmentally friendly service?  Maybe you can get a table and show off your company.

North Ridgeville’s Green Fest committee is a branch of Friends of the Parks, a non-profit organization of local citizens who share and foster the idea to support and better the parks and recreational areas of North Ridgeville. Gandhi once stated: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This quote explains how North Ridgeville’s Green Fest Committee came to be. In April of 2009 five local moms hosted Green Fest to help educate their community about making sustainable choices to preserve their children’s future. With only 3 ½ months of collaboration, Green Fest showcased 20 local North East Ohio earth friendly vendors. Amazed by the impact that the Green Fest 2009 had we decided in August of 2009 to open the group up to recruit local volunteers. Since then we have been joined by several diverse community members. During the last several months our committee has been diligently working to recruit volunteers, vendors, and donations. The Green Fest committee’s current fundraising goal is to raise funding to purchase recycle containers to be installed in each of North Ridgeville’s local parks. Once we have accomplished this goal, we then plan to reassess and research future earth friendly opportunities that can continue to bring North Ridgeville to the fore front of green living. We are currently gathering interested volunteers, vendors, and donations (reusable bags, coupons, samples, advertisements and monetary), and entertainment for this worthy event.

Let’s face it, making a difference is never easy.  But then, nothing worthwhile ever really is.  But if a couple of moms can get together over coffee and start a green revolution in their own town, what can you do?