Food Deserts

We have often had the discussion about food deserts. The areas with the most need for low cost groceries are often those who cannot get a grocery store chain to come to their neighborhood. This means that residents of these more needy neighborhoods are often paying even more for their food bill every month, as they spend there food budget at convenience stores or tiny, higher cost shops. The situation is even worse in rural areas and underdeveloped countries. Meanwhile, in some places we see competing grocery stores within a few block or even across the street from one another. I was so happy to see Brian Cummings work with a local corner store to help them carry a few fresh veggies for residents nearby, who had less access to quality food.

Timothy Smith over at the Cleveland Greenhouse Project alerted me to this video so I thought I would share it with you. Please watch it! It is a clip from the feature length Poly Cultures: Food Where we Live from Less Productions.